Hen Parties

Hen Parties

Why not make your hen party a magical affair with Tarot readings and spell kits for everyone? Of course the bride-to-be is free and receives a custom made darkly elegant sexy love spell kit. Bridesmaids get free mini spell kits, too! The cost for the evening depends upon the size of the wedding party. Contact us for details and an estimate.

House Parties and Corporate Events

Would you like to give your house party or corporate event that extra spark? Transform it into a tarot party! House parties have the added advantage of free readings for the host/hostess and special in-shop offers for the guests. Corporate events can set the best darkly elegant vibes for their employees and those who opt for readings also get special in-shop offers. Do you live in, or work in a space where weird stuff happens? Add a paranormal investigation to the event! Prices vary so Contact Us for an estimate.

House Clearances - paranormal activity

House Cleansings/Paranormal Investigations

Are you feeling uneasy in your home? Is the vibe bringing you down? Do things go bump in the night? Are you being watched by unseen eyes? There may be clusters of negative energy in your home needing to be dispersed. There may be spirit activity, or there may be manifestations of toxicity sent your way. You can opt for a paranormal investigation to identify the activity prior to cleansing and banishing, or simply have a cleansing. Prices Vary. Consultations on site are free. Contact for more information.

Pagan Weddings

Handfastings/Pagan Weddings

I will work with you to design a ceremony suitable for your path…from location, to theme, to vows, we can work together for the perfect esoteric aesthetic. Have that all arranged, but just need a priestess to officiate? Sorted. Contact for consultation.