With over 15 years of experience teaching writing, literature, and Tarot at the community college level, I offer private and small group classes that are both enriching and engaging.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Friday 11am to 6:00pm. Saturday 10:30 to 5:30pm

Next scheduled dates Saturday morning classes:
Tarot 1 from 13th January 2024 (6 weeks) Tarot 2 from 16th March (6 weeks) both 10am to noon at the shop.

Gods and the modern day - classes

The Living Pantheon

Exploring the Ancient Greek gods and their relevance to today’s society.

Each god is an example of archetypal metaphor. What do these metaphors teach us about the way we see one another and how we interact? How can we harness these energies and use them to improve our lives?

Understanding the gods and their stories gives us a greater insight in who we are and what motivates us.

12 weeks: £240

Tarot classes

Tarot 1 & 2

Bundled together, or taken separately, these tarot courses do a deep dive on the meanings of each of the 78 cards. The implications of the mythological, archetypal, and astrological symbolism are examined and we study the functions of the suits, trumps, and court cards. Tarot 1 covers applying this knowledge to reading basic spreads, while Tarot 2 compares and contrasts Hermetic and Masonic symbolism and meaning with different decks. Tarot 2 also looks at meditative use of Tarot cards, and learning complex spreads as well as designing your own.

Tarot 1, 6 weeks: £180 | Tarot 2, 6 weeks: £180 | Bundled 1 & 2, 12 weeks: £325

Spell Workshop

Saturday, March 9 from 10 am to 12pm

This workshop gives you the tools and guidance that you need to create your own spells…most can be found in your back garden or kitchen cupboard! You’ll learn how to choose, then combine herbs and resins, blend essential oils, and infuse them with intent. We’ll look at the phases of the moon and zodiac signs for when the best time is, and for what the best spells are to cast. Minimum 5 students/Maximum 10. £60

Contact to reserve, and remit payment in shop.