About the Shop

A darkly elegant witchy Emporium for pagans, dark rockers and curious folk.

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5:30pm

As Above So Below Emporium Ltd is a darkly elegant, witchy shop and reading room for pagans, darkly-sparkly rockers, curiosity seekers, and those embracing a lifestyle steeped in art, music, and esoterica.

Carefully curated with you in mind, you will find everything you need.

  • If you are a seasoned practitioner looking to upgrade your altar or expand your library, we can help.
  • If you have been dabbling, but looking for guidance and supplies for the beginner or intermediate, and a series of how-to books, we can help.
  • If you are interested in spell work, you can explore our line of ready-made spell kits, design your own, or have one made for you at The Spell Apothecary. We can help.
  • If you are interested in spiritual guidance, you can walk in or make an appointment daily for a variety of different types of readings. We can help.
  • If it is hands on knowledge you seek, you can enrol in any of our classes or attend any of our lectures. We can help.
Palmistry and Crystals

For the eclectic culture vulture and casual browser, you’ll love our quirky, original lines of:

  • art
  • cups
  • tee-shirts
  • jewellery
  • cards
  • soaps
  • candles
  • books
  • custom blended teas
  • custom roasted coffees

Curate your own themed gift boxes with bags of tea or coffee and matching mugs, or matching tee-shirts, mugs, and blank cards.

As Above is committed to supporting local artists and makers. Every month The Culture Bunker will feature work and merchandise of a local artist, and we are constantly looking for local jewellery makers and clothing designers.

Located in the heart of Liverpool on historic Mathew Street, the birthplace of The Beatles, The Emporium celebrates alternative visions of The Beatles by owner/artist Cat de Leon, and the undeniable contribution to post punk made by Liverpool musicians who performed at Eric’s directly across the street.

Whatever magic you require, you will find it at As Above So Below Emporium Ltd.

We’ll put a spell on you.

Clothing, unique designs

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5:30pm